Aviation Services

Regulation prohibit take off when frost, snow and ice are adhering on any critical areas of the aircraft. The cold Scandinavian winter climate commonly creates frozen deposits on components of the aircraft that are critical to a safe flight. Moose Aviation have more than twenty years of experience in this industry and have developed the highest level of procedures to ensure a safe and effective operation in freezing conditions. Our personnel are dedicated only to this subject and they are prepared to solve all problems that may occur while you are on ground. All personnel are trained to the latest standards of AEA, SAE, ISO and ICAO publication in accordance with all airlines around the globe. If you choose Moose Aviation as your de/anti-icing provider, you will be safe and secure in the respect of your passengers, aircrews and ground personnel’s safety.

We are currently using five units for De-icing and we can manage to perform de/anti-icing on all aircraft types.