About us

Safety and quality always comes first. Our customer satisfaction is essential for a successful longterm partnership. All companies in the airlines industry, as well as the Europeans (AEA DAQCP) and the US carriers (DEVA) and the Airport authority (Swedavia) is auditing us every year to make sure that safety, quality and security are upheld.

Our goal is to ensure that our staff is well aware of the demands and regulation that our company, the airline industry and our customers strive for. This is done by yearly training, information meetings, written directives and by holding our own inspections and testing of staff skills, fluids, equipment etc…. Due to our inhouse training we are able to give our customers a premium service.

Links to quality in aviation industry. For more information about quality issues, please visit the following web sites:

  • AEA, Association of European Airlines
  • SAE
  • ISO

  • The Tempest Air First in action. Music and rights: "Requiem for a Dream" by Clint Mansell.